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Instead of the new Dual Screen Surface Duo phone, Microsoft is about to introduce a foldable phone

Most of the current Android smartphone companies are competing to introduce foldable phones. This year, as Google plans to introduce the Pixel Fold, the foldable phone market will become more competitive. But in the early days, instead of foldable phones, Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo phones that fold and use the dual screen design. The […]

Mobile Phone Tech

The 200MP ISOCELL HP2 Sensor that will be used in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been introduced

Among the Galaxy 23 Series phones, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the first phone for Samsung to use a 200MP camera sensor. Now, before the official launch of the Galaxy S23 Series, Samsung has officially introduced the 200MP Camera Sensor that will be used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 200MP sensor is called ISOCELL […]