We can see a lot more changes in twitter in hand of Elon Musk

Elon Musk announces Twitter UI changes and new features

Elon Musk announced through his Twitter account that Twitter will get a new look along with new features. Also, including the ability to swipe between Recommend and Follow. Bookmark button, long form tweets, etc. will also be included.

Twitter has seen a number of changes since coming under Musk’s ownership. But Musk is preparing to step down as CEO of Twitter and is looking for a new person to lead the platform.

According to Musk’s announcement, the function of swiping between Recommend and Follow is believed to be released later this week. Although there is no preview of this function, we do not know exactly yet, but it is estimated that it may be similar to Pinned Timelines currently used on mobile devices.

Will this new feature be exclusive to Twitter mobile apps? Or whether it will be included for the Web is not yet clear. Musk also mentioned that there is a bigger UI overhaul. Next is the addition of a Bookmark button, which according to Musk will act as a defacto “silent like”.

The last one, the Long tweet feature, has been announced for a long time. Now it’s really coming out. It will be available in early February, and Musk has not revealed any details about this feature.