YouTube is facing a huge problem with Spam Comments

It is really annoying for YouTube that they are facing a huge problem with Spam Comments

The YouTube channel recently achieved another milestone. That’s 1.5 million subscribers and over 325 million views. 2 years ago, the number of subscribers was only 1 million.

As YouTube becomes a bigger platform, it faces many problems like other social media. Despite our efforts to make it a better choice for users, we are once again faced with spammers using comments for personal gain.

Spammers are using YouTube to scam people through Telegram and WhatsApp. YouTube said that it is monitoring the comments on its channel videos to deal with these scams.

Regarding spam comments, YouTube’s current moderation tools are outdated and each spam comment is being checked. But the problem is not isolated to the YouTube channel. It is also happening on other platforms and the main ones affected are Creators and Celebrities.

Fraudsters open multiple accounts. YouTube’s system does not limit the rate of comments, so they can comment freely on many videos. The problem is that if you delete one account, it creates two more accounts. It has become clear that YouTube needs to deal with this problem properly.