Todays Technology

Blue light filters are more harmful to people’s sleep than blue light, a new survey says

Findings that blue light emitted from smartphone screens can harm people’s sleep have led companies to add blue light filters to their phones to reduce blue light. Now, according to a new research survey, blue light filters are more harmful to people’s sleep than blue light itself. The research survey was conducted by the University […]

Todays Technology

The Japanese who are trying to develop a new security system that can open the phone lock by breathing

Many people think that Face Recognition is the easiest and most secure of the smartphone security systems. But wearing a mask doesn’t work well. iPhone 12 and above can use Face ID even with a mask on, but it decreases the level of security, so experts are still looking for a better solution. In the […]

App knowledge

With the latest global updates, Viber has once again proven itself to be a more complete application

Rakuten Viber, the world’s leading provider of fully secure messaging and calling services, has announced that it has recently upgraded its Viber application with two new high-performance features. As for Rakuten Viber, with these 2 advanced functions, namely Business Inbox and Commercial Account, it further proves the superapp’s long-term vision to build Viber into the […]

Mobile Phone Tech

The new OPPO A Series, which has high multi-functionality with a modern design, OPPO A77s has arrived in the market

OPPO A77s will be available nationwide starting January 21 for 699,900 kyats. The new OPPO A Series OPPO A77s can be purchased nationwide from January 21 for 699,900 kyats, and is available in two colors, Sunset Orange and Starry Black. Amazing modern design look OPPO A77s has a phone screen width of 6.56” and is […]