Is Apple the best selling smartphone in 2022? Samsung? Xiaomi?

As 2022 comes to an end, it will be interesting to see which company has the best smartphone sales. In 2022, Samsung and Apple are the best selling smartphones, followed by Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo.

According to Canalys’ survey, Samsung had a market share of 22 percent in 2022. Apple 19 percent; Xiaomi 13 percent; OPPO and vivo got 9 percent each. But in 2022, smartphone sales fell 11 percent from 2021, reaching just 1.2 billion units.

According to Canalys’ survey, in 2022, Samsung will sell around 264 million smartphones. Apple around 228 million; Xiaomi around 156 million; OPPO sold around 108 million and vivo sold around 108 million.

Compared to 2021, 1.35 billion smartphones were sold that year. Samsung has around 174.5 million units and a market share of 20 percent. Apple is around 230.1 million and 17%; Xiaomi is around 191.2 million and 14%; OPPO is around 145.1 million and 11%; vivo gained 10 percent with around 129.9 million.