With the latest global updates, Viber has once again proven itself to be a more complete application

Rakuten Viber, the world’s leading provider of fully secure messaging and calling services, has announced that it has recently upgraded its Viber application with two new high-performance features. As for Rakuten Viber, with these 2 advanced functions, namely Business Inbox and Commercial Account, it further proves the superapp’s long-term vision to build Viber into the most complete application.

According to the survey, 71% of users prefer companies to contact them privately, while 82% of companies want to implement strategies to provide better user experiences through their services. According to these 2 studies, through Viber’s latest upgrades, users will be able to have a more convenient user experience, and brands will be able to provide more effective communication connections.

To make communication between brands and users easier and more convenient, Viber has launched the Business Inbox feature globally. According to this feature, users will be able to store information and messages from authorized brands they are connected to (such as bank notifications, order confirmations for products ordered from delivery services, and special offers from stores, etc.) separately from other chats.

The Business Inbox functionality will automatically start as soon as users receive their first Business Message, and all previous communications with businesses will automatically go into this Business Inbox (once the service is available in their market). The Business Inbox functionality will allow users to have a better user experience, while at the same time making it easier to connect with brands or businesses as follows.

Being able to Pin communications with your favorite brands in the Business Inbox
The ability to move brands that you don’t want to keep in the Business Inbox back to the Main Chat screen
Brands and communications can also be Pinned in the regular Chat screen
At the same time, the Business Inbox Folder will automatically be at the top of the Chat screen, so the latest announcements from brands or businesses. You will be able to know the news in real time. Therefore, the Business Inbox function will be able to communicate more effectively between users and brands, which will facilitate the user experience and communication connections of brands.

Viber will also continue to upgrade the functionality of Commercial Accounts, adding better services and functionality such as the ability to add a brand or business location and make direct calls. Later this year, we plan to introduce more services that are more suitable for small and medium businesses.
With Viber’s Business Inbox and Commercial Account features, users can feel more secure when connecting with brands or businesses. Only verified brand communications will automatically enter the user’s Business Inbox, thus preventing the risk of accounts impersonating brands or businesses. In addition, it is a ‘Blue Tick’ (blue mark) to show users that it is a genuine account of brands. It will be easy to find out by looking at the map.

“We’re offering more functionality than a typical messaging app. These advanced features have been added in line with our strategy to continue to build Viber as a Supperapp through innovation,” said Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer of Rakuten Viber. “We will continue to evolve Viber into a one-stop application for users, while at the same time making it easier for brands to connect with their users, which will be mutually beneficial. Better features and services; Along with communication methods, Viber will provide the best service not only for users but also for brands.”