The Japanese who are trying to develop a new security system that can open the phone lock by breathing

Many people think that Face Recognition is the easiest and most secure of the smartphone security systems. But wearing a mask doesn’t work well. iPhone 12 and above can use Face ID even with a mask on, but it decreases the level of security, so experts are still looking for a better solution.

In the past decades, methods such as passwords, fingerprints, face recognition, and patterns have been used for the security of smartphones. Until now, there is no such thing as a complete security system. Still looking for ways to do better.

Recently, an article appeared about the use of breathing as a new method of security. There are a lot of technical difficulties in implementing it, but if it succeeds, it will be a very interesting new method

This idea and method was conspired by researchers from Japan’s Kyushu University and the University of Tokyo. The method is to use the olfactory sensor system called “Electronic nose”. This method can analyze various odors in the air and can accurately distinguish the components of the smell.

What kind of food is used in the food industry and whether it tastes good. It is also said that it can be analyzed using this electronic nose. But there is the question of how to distinguish the breath from the owner. The answer to that is that each person has different chemistry, which is analyzed using a 16-channel odor sensor.

The 16-channel odor sensor has an accuracy rate of up to 97.8%. But the accuracy rate of fingerprint scanner is 98.6% and the accuracy rate of facial recognition is 99.97%. At present, the research scale is too small, so there is still a long way to go. Anyway, this interesting method may come to fruition at some point.