The 200MP ISOCELL HP2 Sensor that will be used in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been introduced

Among the Galaxy 23 Series phones, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the first phone for Samsung to use a 200MP camera sensor.

Now, before the official launch of the Galaxy S23 Series, Samsung has officially introduced the 200MP Camera Sensor that will be used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 200MP sensor is called ISOCELL HP2.

The ISOCELL HP2 sensor is 1/1.3″ in addition to the 200 Megapixels size. It is reported that the pixel size will be 0.6μm. In addition, many new technologies have been added that can improve Dynamic Range and Color Reproduction.

The ISOCELL HP2 sensor uses Samsung’s own Tera2pixel pixel-binning technology. So, in low-light conditions, it can produce 1.2μm 50MP images using 4-to-1 Pixel-binning, as well as 2.4μm 12.5MP images using 16-to-1 Pixel-binning. In the video section, you can fully record 8K video with 4-to-1 binning and 1.2μm pixel size.

When shooting continuously, the HP2 sensor can shoot up to 15fps in 200MP resolution mode. This is 2x faster than the HP3 sensor and 50% faster than the 100MP HM3 sensor.

As for the rest of the features, Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology to best preserve the highlights. It is the first sensor to use DSG (Dual Slope Gain) technology in 50MP Mode to achieve Super HDR performance in addition to Super QPD technology for accurate and fast autofocus speed in low light conditions.

Anyway, we will soon see how good the performance of the Samsung ISOCELL HP2 Sensor is on the Galaxy S23 Ultra phone. Samsung has not yet said exactly which other phones will use the HP2 sensor.