Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will upgrade the 108MP camera

Samsung is one of the earliest companies to enter the foldable phone market and is still the leader. But lately, OPPO Companies such as Xiaomi are already competing with foldable phones that are more beautiful and thinner than Samsung’s foldable phones.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Fold4 phone can use the S Pen compared to other foldable phones in the market. In addition to being water resistant, the software is a little weak, and the rest of the display. It can even be said that it has already fallen behind in terms of design and camera.

Therefore, the Galaxy Z Fold5 phone that will be introduced by Samsung in the second half of this year will have many major upgrades in terms of the camera as well as the display.

As for the camera, the Galaxy Z Fold5 will be the first Samsung foldable phone to use a 108MP main camera. The 108MP camera sensor will be similar to the camera sensor used in the Galaxy S22 Ultra introduced last year. In addition to the 108MP main camera, there is a 64MP telephoto sensor that supports 2x optical zoom. 16MP Ultrawide Sensor will also be included.

Another big change is the display, and the Galaxy Z Fold5 will be the first Samsung foldable phone to use the foldable display technology, which will not have a crease in the middle. In order to use it like this, Samsung had to change and use the new Waterdrop Structure internally codenamed Dumbbell Hinge. Also, unlike current Samsung foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold5 phone will not be completely flat when folded.

Either way, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 phone is sure to be a hit in the market as it is sure to come with major upgrades.