How do you know that you can earn money playing games with KOGs Quest?

If you say that you can make money from online games, many people will run to betting and online casinos. In fact, these are only superficial ways to earn money while playing games.
People here are still not aware of games called Play To Earn and NFT Games where you can earn money by playing yourself. Collect NFTs from the Metaverse. There is a small game that will be Play To Earn. The name of the game is KOGs Quest.

RFOX Games Company, a gaming brand in the Metaverse, has introduced a new game called KOGs QUEST. Actually, KOGs Quest is the third step for them. Because in the past, we have already released NFT games such as KOGs NFT and KOGs Slam. What kind of interesting content will be in KOGs Quest that will be released now? How to play by yourself will be explained further in this article.
KOGs Quest Game will come as a mobile game, and it will be in the same style as regular NFT games. The game type is a combination of Puzzle and Role Play RPG.

The game play style is like a normal puzzle game, you have to move the gems and elements so that the rows are aligned. If you can make at least 3 rows of same color gems and elements, you need to line up and get points. Use the points obtained like this to go to the next level. It’s like this.

Move gems gradually according to each different level. Shift and Rotate will gradually become more difficult. The play style is not very special like normal puzzle games. What’s special is that in addition to the puzzle, there is also an RPG-friendly story. Each room has enemies, monsters, and minions. There will be Heroes on my side. Characters are added and the puzzle game is pulled into an RPG style.

By moving the gems, the points you get will attack enemies and power up your heroes. If you click on your Hero when the Power Bar is full, he can help attack the Enemies from your side. On the other hand, enemies will attack you and your heroes in each level. So, it’s a form of fighting each other and then winning.

The objective of the game is that each level will have different enemies. You have to attack the Enemies before the given Move Limit is reached or before the Heroes on your side die. Every time you complete a chapter, different In Game Items, Experience Points must be earned as Rewards. The rewards will be different depending on the level of the room played.

In the game, the hero character must be able to level up the equipment to become stronger. As for In App Purchases, you will be able to buy Gems, Add on Energy, and Power ups as well as NFTs like KOGs.
It is not wrong that RFOX Games released this KOGs Quest again because of the success of KOGs NFT Games which was released earlier. In other words, it can be said that the KOGs Lineup has reached quite a place in these NFT Markets.
KOGs SLAM is also said to be quite innovative among NFT Play to Earn games. Now, KOGs products are collaborating with famous groups in the world of crypto.

CPAG (Cryptopop Art Guild) has also developed special edition KOGs NFTs after featuring artists. In other words, it can be said that KOGs NFTs have become an important part of the Metaverse Gaming Brand.
I will go back to how you can access NFTs and earn money while playing KOGs Quest Game. To start playing, you have to form a Hero Team with different KOGs Characters. Then play according to each level and win.

When there are many wins, you will get NFT Passes that can be redeemed called Mint Pass NFT as rewards. The received Mint Pass can be exchanged with Crypto Currencies such as WAX or ETH at the Mint Lab Website where KOGs can do Digital Currency Exchange. If you want to do an exchange with WAX Currency, you should also be able to trade with Wearable NFTs developed by RFOX. These wearable NFTs can be worn on your character in Metaverse and if you don’t want to use them, you can resell them on the NFT Marketplace Platform called AtomicHub. KOG’s Quest Game is unique from ordinary puzzle games because of the Play to Earn, NFT Access, and the ability to connect to Metaverse.

On the RFOX Game side, about the KOGs Quest Game, the launch date is Additional features will be announced soon. In other words, even after playing the Beta version, I can see that it can be played either stable or not. If only the official version is released, it will surely come with more cool features, more cool add-ons and NFTs.