Thinner due to the new in-house chip. The lighter iPhone 17 series

Coming out this year is the iPhone 15 series. But forget it. Next year’s iPhone 16 series? Don’t be interested in this either. Save money. Just wait for the iPhone 17 series to be released in 2025. I think it’s too early to talk about the iPhone 17 series, but it’s not too early.

of course. Everything about the iPhone 17 is just a rumor. Until now, even everything about the iPhone 15 is not officially known. Leaked details about the iPhone 16 are just the beginning. But there are still reasons to wait for the iPhone 17.
It’s a rumor, so don’t confirm it. Apple is reducing its reliance on Qualcomm. Meanwhile, Apple still needs Qualcomm chips for wireless connectivity.

Qualcomm is still taking as much money as it gets from Apple.
Although the war has temporarily ended, Apple is seriously pushing chip development for 5G cellular connectivity. The in-house chip was rumored to debut with next year’s iPhone SE 4, but according to the latest news, Apple has discontinued the iPhone SE. Therefore, the new chip will be included in the debut of the 2025 iPhones again.

According to the tipster, Apple’s first in-house wireless chip will come with the 2025 iPhone 17 series. The company is trying to combine cellular chips with wireless. It is believed to be profitable for Apple due to lower production costs. The 2-in-1 chips are power-efficient and allow more space for other components such as batteries. So the iPhone 17 is thinner, It can be lighter. But we can’t expect micro-LED iPhones until 2025.