Could Apple’s new display technology become a nightmare for Samsung?

Apple currently uses OLED displays in its two types of devices, the iPhone and the Watch. In the near future, iPad and MacBook will also start using OLED panels.

The main supplier of OLED panels for Apple’s devices is Samsung Display. In other words, the South Korean tech giant has acquired many businesses from Apple. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is trying to produce its own displays in-house to reduce its reliance on third-party suppliers.

Apple’s in-house display will be based on Micro LED technology, and the Cupertino-based technology giant will design these displays entirely by themselves and shape the manufacturing process. So, one wonders if Apple’s in-house Micro LED development is bad news for Samsung, which has acquired many businesses.

Actually, the bad news is not for Samsung, but for LG. According to reports, Samsung used to make OLED panels for Apple Watches, but now they are no longer making them. Eventually, Apple plans to use self-developed Micro LED displays in iPhones and other products, including iPads, MacBooks and iMacs.

However, Apple still needs to rely on third-party suppliers for its Micro LED displays. In addition, for mass production, it will take the cooperation of third-party companies, including LG Display and Samsung Display.

So, there is still a possibility that Samsung Display will supply Micro LED panels for Apple. On the other hand, Samsung Display only produces large size Micro LED panels like its TVs. So, whether to produce small Micro LED panels or not? It still depends on the decision whether or not to produce. If it is not produced, it will lose many jobs from Apple