Xiaomi’s electric car that can be worth 40,000 dollars

A few days ago, photos emerged of a Xiaomi EV being test driven near the Xiaomi factory in China. The EV, which has been trying for several years, has not been able to be sent to the market, but now it has finally emerged.

Not much is known about Xiaomi’s EV, which it wants to compete with Tesla. (The information mentioned here has not been officially released and is still in the rumor stage) Xiaomi’s EV will have a 400V battery in the base model. The top model will reportedly include an 800V battery.

Xiaomi’s EVs will also include Qualcomm smart chips and NVIDIA Orin X. Some information about the engine of this EV has become public. Xiaomi plans to officially launch these EVs in 2023 and mass production in 2024. It is also reported that Xiaomi’s electric car will have an electrical power of 260 kW.

Although they are interested in the value of the car, they can only know the estimated value. The current figures are that it will be almost 40 thousand dollars. The code name of Xiaomi’s first electric car is “Modena”.
However, the code name of the electric car that will be sold in 2025 is “Le Mans”, and it is reported that the second car is already in the works. This model will also include three electric motors. It remains to be seen how true these rumors will be.