Instead of the new Dual Screen Surface Duo phone, Microsoft is about to introduce a foldable phone

Most of the current Android smartphone companies are competing to introduce foldable phones. This year, as Google plans to introduce the Pixel Fold, the foldable phone market will become more competitive.

But in the early days, instead of foldable phones, Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo phones that fold and use the dual screen design. The first Surface Duo phone was introduced in 2020, and the Surface Duo 2 was introduced in 2021, but it was not successful and was sold at a reduced price.
Therefore, in the past 2022, Microsoft did not introduce the Surface Duo 3, and according to the latest news, the production of the new Surface Duo phone with dual screen design has been completely stopped. Instead, Microsoft will introduce another new Android phone as a foldable phone.

The foldable phone that Microsoft is planning to introduce has a 180-degree hinge design as well as an internal foldable screen. The outer cover display will be included. Therefore, the design will be similar to the vivo X Fold and Honor Magic Vs phones that have already been introduced in the current market.

But since Microsoft is now planning to ditch the dual screen design and introduce a foldable phone, it is still hard to predict when it will be officially launched in the market. At the earliest, it is likely to be officially introduced to the market by the end of 2023 or early 2024.