Meta further restricts how teenagers can be targeted on Facebook and Instagram

Meta has announced further restrictions on how advertisers on its platform can target users under the age of 18. Starting next month, the company will allow advertisers to identify children on Facebook and Instagram by gender. The ability to target based on age has been removed, but age and location can still be used to target.

In 2021, Meta withdrew its cappotential to goal commercials primarily based totally at the pastimes and hobby of teen users. Also, because of the tightening of contemporary regulations, advertisers will now not be capable of goal engagement primarily based totally on young adults on Instagram and Facebook pages.

Starting in March, teens will get more tools to (relatively) control the type of ads they see. Under ad preferences, they can choose to see fewer ads, but some products, Or there is still no way to completely turn off ads about services.

Social media companies’ handling of children and teenage users has Fri been a controversial topic, and issues often arise. Now, the company says it’s considering whether it’s mandatory for teenagers to make decisions about how their online data is used for advertising.

But Meta isn’t suspending advertising to children. Age and location targeting is required to show age-appropriate and location-specific ads, the company said.