Sony will still remain 10 Years with Microsoft happy or not.

Microsoft agreed to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for 10 years

It will be interesting to see how video game developers Sony and Microsoft face off in 2023.

Activision was valued at $68.7 billion as of January 2022, and Sony’s struggles to acquire Microsoft have forced it to take a number of steps to avoid losing its top spot.

No matter how many games they produced in-house, they could never match Activision’s single-game earnings.

As you know, God of War:
Blockbuster Ragnarok games such as Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man:
Miles Morales and The Last of Us Part 1, which have become one of the most successful TV series, are far from catching up, according to the report.

This is due to the $1.5 billion monthly Call of Duty, and the proverbial goose that lays golden eggs on time should be appreciated. With players playing an average of 116 hours a year, Call of Duty (CoD) games are said to be worth $800 million on the PlayStation platform.

This amount is equivalent to $1 in value, and experts estimate that his CoD player on his PlayStation would be worth an estimated $15.9 billion annually if he paid for the bundle’s monthly subscription.

Because of this, they gave up on Microsoft and agreed to release the Call of Duty series on the PS platform.

Part of the reason is the EU’s decision to accept a full acquisition of Activision and the lack of direct competition from Sony.

Despite this agreement, PlayStation Exclusive games will not yet appear on the Xbox platform. Sony seems to understand its penchant for releasing profitable PlayStation games on PC, but it’s unclear how the cloud gaming part will change in his agreed ten-year time horizon.