Meta in Eu add a new feature of Targeting Ads on Facebook, Instagram

Meta intends to require consent from users in the European Union before allowing companies to target ads based on what they see on their services such as Facebook and Instagram, the media giant. announced Tuesday on social media.

Meta said the change was in response to a number of evolving regulatory requirements in the region and stemmed from an order issued in January by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Meta’s top regulator in the region. Europe, to reassess the legal basis for ad targeting.

Meta says the change is intended to address a number of evolving regulatory requirements in the region. Facebook and Instagram users have agreed to allow their data to be used in effectively targeted advertising when they sign up for the terms and conditions of the service, until the regulator puts it in place. out regulations. it cannot process personal information in this way.

“We today announced our intention to change the legal basis we use to process certain data for advertising behavior for individuals in the EU, EEA (European Area),” Meta said. Economic Europe) and Switzerland from ‘Legal Interest’ to ‘Consent'”.

“There was no immediate impact on our services in the area. With this change, advertisers can still run personalized ad campaigns to reach potential customers and grow their businesses. We have incorporated this change into our business outlook.”