Google Photos Introduces AI-Powered Features for Enhanced Photo Management

Google Photos is set to receive a range of new AI-based features designed to streamline photo organization and categorization for users. The Photo Stack feature, a recent addition to Google Photos, enables users to group similar shots together, reducing clutter in their photo libraries. Additionally, AI-powered capabilities will automatically identify and categorize screenshots and documents into albums such as IDs, receipts, notes, recipes, menus, and social and event information. Users can now set reminders on images for future retrieval. These updates are currently being rolled out to both Android and iOS users.

In a Wednesday blog post, Google detailed these AI-backed features for Google Photos. The Photo Stack feature automatically identifies and groups similar photos of the same subject taken within a short time frame, selecting a “top pick” that best captures the moment. Users have the flexibility to manually choose their preferred photo as the top pick, and they can modify or disable stacks at any time. This functionality is aimed at maintaining an organized and clutter-free photo library.

Furthermore, AI in Google Photos will enhance the identification and categorization of screenshots and documents. Screenshots will be grouped into albums, including ID, receipts, notes, recipes, menus, and social and event information, accessible through the Search tab under the new Documents section. This allows users to quickly locate specific content without scrolling through all their photos.

Google Photos is also introducing a feature that enables users to set reminders directly within the app. This functionality allows users to schedule reminders in their calendar based on details found in screenshots, tickets, or images with text or date information. The “Set Reminder” option facilitates this process, and Google Photos will send reminders based on the details captured in the screenshot.

Users can opt to automatically archive screenshots and documents after 30 days, hiding them from the main gallery while keeping them accessible through their dedicated albums.

Google has announced that these new Photos features are currently being rolled out to users on both Android and iOS via the Google Photos app.