An uncontrolled Chinese rocket booster weighing 21 tons will fall back to Earth

A rocket launched by China will soon come back down to earth uncontrollably. Due to its large size and weight, it can pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and touch the ground.

Although it is rare for people to be injured or killed by these crashed parts, last year a similar Chinese rocket crash caused concern around the world. This missile may cause similar concerns.

This booster is part of the Long March 5B rocket that was launched last July 24. It was sent into orbit as a new lander for China’s growing Tiangong space station. After the giant rocket reaches space, it automatically drops a large part, which is the Core booster.

The booster remained in satellite orbit before falling back to Earth. The rocket part is more than 100 feet long and weighs more than 22 tons. Therefore, it is reported that 9 tons or more of material still remains in this fall.

Space trackers are doing their best to predict exactly where Long March 5B might fall. Last year in 2020, a Chinese rocket that was out of control fell back to Earth. Last year, the missile landed in the sparsely populated Indian Ocean, but in 2020, debris fell on the Ivory Coast.

According to the Aerospace Corporation, a space research and non-profit, there is only a 6 in 10 trillion chance of someone being killed by a piece of debris falling back from space. But dealing with the problem of not knowing where the rocket parts are going to land can be frustrating.