‘X’: twitter rebrand can now download for all mobiles and there will be no tweet.

Elon Musk changed Twitter’s name to X on Monday and unveiled a new logo, which is a stylized black and white version of the letter.

Twitter was recently renamed X by owner Elon Musk. On Friday, Musk announced the social networking platform had reached “new heights” with more than 540 million monthly users compared to 229 million users. Monthly activity was reported in May 2022. Musk took over the site in November 2022 and has since made a number of changes. including laying off nearly 50% of the company’s workforce and appointing Linda Yaccarino as CEO. The name change is the latest in all of Musk’s changes and comes as a backlash as Twitter continues to struggle with ad revenue. Amid discussions about patent rights for the letter X, the mobile app icon for Twitter on Android and iOS platforms has become “X” with an update. Now, content shared by users, formerly known as tweets, is now known as posts. Twitter version 10.1.0-beta.1 is now available on some Android devices as “X Beta”, although the apk file is still named com.twitter.android. Even on Apple’s iOS handsets, the update arrives with the new logo but the old name.

X for Android also changed the “Tweet” option in the bottom-right corner of the home page to “Post”, suggesting Musk’s rebranding idea was to take all the old and essential stuff out of Twitter. Each step closer to realizing his dream of building a “Everything app”.

It’s likely that renaming Musk’s train will face some regulatory hurdles. The alphabet or symbol X is very widely used and can be a potential point of legal conflict. For example, Facebook’s rival social media platform, Meta Platforms, filed a federal trademark in 2019 that includes a blue and white “X” for areas like software and social media. festival. Even Microsoft has been marked with an X since 2003 when it comes to communication on its Xbox video game system.

Experts say companies are unlikely to sue unless they feel threatened that Twitter’s X is “infringing upon the brand equity they built in the letter”. Notably, even Meta faced legal backlash from investment firm Metacapital and virtual reality company MetaX when they changed their name from Facebook to Meta and later settled with the iconic logo. of infinity.