All user can now be live Streaming in X(Twitter).

“Live video is working pretty well now,” Elon Musk posted on X along with an image of the camera icon.

Elon Musk, who recently changed Twitter’s name to X, has teased everyone with a new feature on the microblogging site. On Friday, the billionaire posted a live video, which also featured some X employees, amassing 4.9 million users. In another tweet, he shared the live video feature. Users can stream clips with the blue camera logo. A day ago, Musk announced another feature that now allows verified users to upload videos from the platform, if the content creators publishing them allow it.

“Live video now works pretty well,” Musk posted on X along with an image of the camera icon.

The ad generated more than 3.5 million views and over 40,000 interactions within the first two hours after Musk posted it

The development comes after Musk was online for 53 seconds on X last night, with his office team. At the time, the billionaire did not reveal any information about this upcoming movie.

Responding to one of the comments, Musk also said the feature would need further improvement. Earlier in the day, Musk announced another new feature for X that allows users to upload videos. However, only verified users can download these videos from content creators that allow video downloads.

As part of the ongoing Twitter redesign, Musk has taken on the role of director of engineering and product at X.

On July 23, the billionaire posted about changing Twitter’s bluebird logo to a minimal X, along with his name and domain address. This change was quickly applied to the iOS, Android, and web versions of X. From monetizing verification checks on X to introducing new features almost every week, Musk is accelerating his efforts to make X an “all-in-one app”.

In July, Musk announced that the platform’s monthly users had hit a “new high” of 540 million.