Huawei’s Smartphone Business is Growing Back.

Richard Yu, the company’s head of consumer business, said in his keynote address at the company’s annual developer conference in the southern city of Dongguan on Friday, operating Huawei Technologies’ handset business is “on a strong rebound”.

Yu said Huawei’s share of the domestic smartphone market grew by 76.1% in the second quarter and took second place in the premium segment.

According to Counterpoint Research, the company held 11.3% of the overall Chinese market in the second quarter, behind the top five competitors, Vivo and Apple.

Counterpoint attributed Huawei’s growth to the resumption of normal product launches after the shortage was resolved.

Several rounds of US restrictions on US-made technology have restricted Huawei from making next-generation 4G handsets, which has reduced its once large handset market share. domestically and internationally. Both the US and EU governments consider Huawei a security risk, an allegation the company denies.

Yu said Huawei’s in-house Harmony operating system has “surpassed many challenges” over the past four years, noting that there are currently 2.2 million developers for the system.

Last month, research firms told Reuters they expected Huawei to restart production of 5G smartphones by the end of the year by buying chips domestically, despite US restrictions.