The new Update for Ads Revenue Program of X(Twitter).

Tech giant X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday announced a new update to its ad revenue program for YouTubers, lowering the minimum number of impressions required from 15 million to 5 million.

Under its official name, the company tweeted, “More people are now getting paid to post!” . We have also lowered the minimum withdrawal threshold from $50 (approximately Rs 4,137) to $10 (approximately Rs 827). To access, sign up for a Premium His subscription. ”

Company X also lowered the payment threshold from $50 for him to $10 for him.
Elon Musk, meanwhile, shared more information about the new update, saying, “This basically means that accounts that generate more than 5 million views will get X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) free.” tweeted. Note that only views from validated handles are counted. Otherwise, scammers will use bots to spam your views endlessly. ”

Previously, the microblogging site required a user to achieve at least 15 million impressions within three months of her to be eligible for advertising revenue sharing.

According to American technology news website The Verge, Musk announced a revenue-sharing plan in February, and the company will target eligible accounts (15 million “organic” accounts with paid verification by Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations). ) made the first payment to ). Impressions from the last 3 months and at least he has 500 followers) Registering a few weeks in advance will allow more people to participate.