A new useful feature added in Google Photos for Memories view feature

Google Photos introduces a new way to relive and share your most memorable moments with the introduction of the new Memories view, launching today for US users. The company says the feature allows you to save your favorite memories, or create your own from scratch to create a scrapbook-like timeline that includes things like the most memorable trips, celebrations and your everyday moments with loved ones.

The add-on builds on Google Photos’ four-year-old Memories feature to recall memorable moments from your past via a carousel at the top of the Google Photos app. Today, it works like a combination of Facebook Stories and Memories, allowing you to browse your favorite photos from months and years ago. Google says the feature is now used by more than half a billion people every month. The new Memories view allows users to do more with those favorite moments in creative ways. You’ll be able to add and remove specific photos from the Memories view – or even start your own Memories view, regardless of the photos already displayed by the app. You can also rename the Memories view to your own name, instead of the more generic title found in Google Photos, such as “August 2013 Best”.

An experimental Google Labs feature in Photos will also suggest other headlines generated with generalized AI. This can be found via the “Help me title” button. If you don’t like the AI’s suggestions, you can edit them or direct them to other details to include in the “Add Suggestions” button. Google says this feedback will help the AI ​​improve over time.

However, the AI ​​feature will only be available for some US accounts at this time.