The new Live Lyrics feature of Youtube Music rolled out for Android, iOS

YouTube Music strives to improve the listening experience for users. The music streaming app is reportedly rolling out live lyrics to all users on Android and iOS. It will be similar to the live lyrics available on Spotify when the user plays a song. The feature on YouTube Music is said to have been first spotted in April, when the feature is now rolling out to users. However, the live lyrics will not be available for all songs yet. A report from 9to5Google has revealed that YouTube Music is rolling out the live lyrics feature for Android and iOS app users. With the live lyrics feature, the line being played will be highlighted in white, while the rest of the lyrics will show up in light gray. Gadgets360 was able to independently verify functionality on the YouTube Music app.

To access lyrics directly on YouTube Music, users can listen to any song with lyrics attached and go to the Lyrics tab in the Now Playing screen. The report also adds that Live Lyrics is rolling out YouTube Music version 6.15 on Android and version 6.16 on the iOS app. If users can’t access Lyrics directly, they can try to force quit the app by dragging it out of the Recents screen.

Meanwhile, it was also mentioned that the live lyrics feature isn’t working for all songs yet. Therefore, users may have to wait a while longer to be able to access the live lyrics of their favorite songs if they don’t already have them.

This feature was first spotted in April of this year, where an earlier report mentioned that Live Lyrics significantly increased text size and spacing, compared to the current static lyrics. available on YouTube Music.

As a reminder, the live lyrics feature was rolled out on Spotify in June 2020 in several countries, including India. It was then expanded to more markets in November 2021.