Leonid Radvinsky received $338 million of revenue from OnlyFans

The owner of OnlyFans, the online platform used by prostitutes, musicians, celebrities, and more, received $338 million in dividends.

Its parent company, Fenix ​​​International, says annual profits have skyrocketed to more than half a billion dollars.

The platform claims to now have over three million creators, serving almost 240 million users or “Fans”.

The sole shareholder of the British company Fenix​, Leonid Radvinsky, has an estimated personal fortune of more than $2 billion.

In accounts filed with the UK registry of Companies House, the company said more than $5.5 billion was spent on the OnlyFans platform in the year to the end of November 2022. This is an increase from $4.8 billion in 2021.

The London-registered company said pre-tax profit for the period came in at $525 million, up from $432 million a year earlier.

The number of creators on OnlyFans grew 47% to nearly 3.2 million, while the number of users increased 27% to nearly 239 million.

The company also said that for the first time, more than half of its revenue comes from non-subscription services like advice and on-demand content from creators.

The company says it takes a fifth of payments made on the site, of which about 80% goes to creators. “OnlyFans has achieved sustained growth and profitability,” Fenix ​​said in the filing.

“This reflects both the growth of the platform, the number of creators and fans, as well as the growth in revenue of existing content creators,” he added.

Traffic to OnlyFans and other streaming sites spiked during the coronavirus lockdown as people stayed home.

However, many of these platforms have seen their growth during the pandemic dwindle after restrictions were lifted.

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 by father and son team Guy and Tim Stokely. They sold the company to Ukrainian-American businessman and porn site owner Mr. Radvinsky in 2018.

According to Forbes magazine, Mr. Radvinsky has an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion.