A new Google flight feature is released that can tell you cheapest time to book

Today, Google Flights is launching a new feature that helps travelers better determine the right time to book. Launching this week, the company is rolling out new insights that will leverage historical trend data that will let consumers know when prices are typically lowest for their chosen destination on selected dates.

This addition is intended to help consumers answer the question of whether to book a flight now or wait for a lower price.

For example, Google explains, new information can tell users that the cheapest time to book their trip is now two months before departure, or that in general the price for their trip often drops closer to departure day. With this new understanding of whether they’re getting the best deal, consumers can choose to book immediately or wait for a better price. This feature complements other information already provided by Google Flights, such as the ability to see if the current price you’re looking for is low, regular, or high relative to past averages.

Additionally, users have the option to enable price tracking to receive notifications when flight prices drop significantly on selected or flexible dates, depending on their preference.

Some flights will also carry a price guarantee badge, which means Google is confident that fares won’t drop until departure. If so, Google will refund the difference through Google Play. This is part of a pilot program for select routes in the United States.

New information on “best time to book” and other flight-saving features was announced today in a Google blog post, which also includes an overview of booking trends. aircraft in 2023, showing the latest data until July 2023. Among the highlights, it was found that for flights around Christmas, the lowest average price was 71 days before departure compared to 22 days before takeoff in the 2022 Trends Report. There are more “hot spots” as prices fall before increasing travel from the United States to Europe, he found. Google says prices tend to be lowest 72 days or more before departure.