Starfied fans exicted a massive map boundary and Exploration potential

Starfield is just a few days away from launch, and before that, the Bethesda RPG has had several leaks. Copies of the game are now in the hands of select reviewers, and some players have even obtained them illegally, before sharing countless screenshots and gameplay videos online. . A clip that has worried fans about Starfield’s reach was first leaked on a Chinese forum over the weekend, showing a player able to run non-stop in one direction for 40 minutes, before reaching the “limit”. message. These videos have since been taken down, although players are now questioning the legitimacy of developer Bethesda’s claims.

Bethesda publishing director Pete Hines, who has apparently played Starfield for at least 130 hours, responded to a fan’s tweet asking if players could explore the entire planet. He replied, “Yes, if you want. Go on, brave adventurer. When the aforementioned leak spilled over, many fans were hit with comments accusing the studio of lying about the game’s depth of gameplay, a number of game journalists who reviewed it also began to counterattack. ambiguous to the complainants. “That’s actually not entirely accurate,” Windows Central’s Jez Corden said on X (formerly Twitter). “Just waiting for the review. Half-truths are spread sometimes with malicious intent.

That certainly didn’t help during the Starfield Direct presentation in June, where game director Todd Howard announced that players could pick any location on an unknown planet and land there, led many to believe that the Expeditions would run smoothly – much like No Man’s Sky, where planets, creatures, vegetation, and conditions were procedurally generated. However, in the case of Starfield, it could mean that planets can be seamlessly explored piece by piece. Even if we assume the leaked clip/image isn’t from the tutorial segment and look at the “Limit Reached” menu that appears on the screen, we still have three options. You can quickly get back to your ship, hit the cancel button and wander around until an invisible wall stops you, or you can “Open Planet Map” to explore another area on the map.

This shows that planetary exploration doesn’t have to be over, and you can certainly land at any point on the map and explore, before hitting that roadblock – which I guess the game cannot continue to load that area in reality. -time. Much of this discussion will certainly be resolved once the reviews are published on August 31, which will certainly involve the crawl mechanism as it is one of the selling points. Bethesda’s largest. Expectations for Starfield are extremely high, as the developer constantly introduces its huge size, alongside new information about the prison system and the debate about it being locked at 30 frames per second. on the control panel.

Starfield releases on September 6 on PC and Xbox Series S/X. Those who pre-order the Premium Edition will get 5 days early access, starting September 1.