Microsoft will not include Wordpad in Upcoming Windows

Microsoft will discontinue WordPad in a future Windows update, i.e. Windows 12. The company has announced the removal of this feature in its latest list of deprecated features. It indicates that the software will no longer receive updates. WordPad is word processing software mainly used for editing text documents with basic formatting. It was introduced in 1995. The application saves documents in .rtf format. Meanwhile, the tech giant recently rolled out Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise support for Google Chrome users.

According to Microsoft’s list of deprecated features updated on September 1, 2023, WordPad will no longer receive the update as the company plans to stop providing the feature in a Windows update. in the future, ie Windows 12. The tech giant recommends users to use Microsoft Word for text documents. with .doc and .rtf formats and Windows Notepad for plain text documents. WordPad saves documents in .rtf format. Word processing software was introduced in 1995 and has been around since Windows 95.

WordPad can read and edit documents in .rtf format, but it does not support advanced editing such as adding tables, text colors, text background colors, numbered lists and URL links, among many others. . It can be used for quick notes

Meanwhile, Microsoft has rolled out Bing Chat support on Chrome for desktop, allowing users to access AI-powered Bing Chat on Windows, macOS, and Linux as long as they have the browser software installed. Chrome. The extension has made this feature accessible to more users as Chrome is considered the most popular web browser, holding over 60% of the market share.

Additionally, the company has also extended support for Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge for smartphones and on the desktop version of Google Chrome. Users who have Bing Chat Enterprise enabled can now open Microsoft Edge on their smartphone and sign in with their work account to access the feature.