Apple is currently working on an iPhone “Ultra” model that’s set to offer spatial video and image recording support specifically designed for the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple is reportedly in the process of developing an iPhone “Ultra” model that could introduce specialized video and image recording capabilities compatible with the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, the company’s inaugural spatial computer. This handset is expected to debut after the launch of the Vision Pro, slated for next year. Apple had previously announced its wearable mixed reality headset, emphasizing its ability to capture immersive surroundings through exterior cameras.

As per a MacRumors report, citing an unnamed Weibo source, an iPhone “Ultra” is in the works with the potential to redefine mobile phone photography and videography. While specific camera details are not mentioned, the phone aims to capture intricate and immersive content designed for use on the Apple Vision Pro.

Back in February, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had hinted at Apple’s plans to release an advanced iPhone model in 2024, separate from the flagship iPhone lineup anticipated for later this year. Apple has since confirmed a launch event on September 12, although the number of models to be unveiled remains undisclosed.

Apple introduced the Vision Pro headset during its June Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) but disclosed that it would not be available to consumers until early 2024. Currently, developers can test their apps in simulators and specialized development labs set up by the company in select regions.

The initial mixed reality headset from Apple boasts high-resolution displays equipped with the proprietary EyeSight technology, enabling wearers to maintain awareness of their surroundings. It supports both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and incorporates an array of sensors and cameras on the chassis. These sensors facilitate environmental mapping and finger-based gesture input. However, Apple has not yet confirmed whether the Vision Pro headset will be accessible in multiple markets.