India’s Tata Group to Announce AI Partnership with Nvidia

“India’s Tata Group to Announce AI Partnership with Nvidia; Reliance and Nvidia Form Collaboration for AI Language Models”

India’s Tata Group is set to unveil a new AI partnership with the US chip company Nvidia, according to an insider with firsthand knowledge of the situation.

Meanwhile, India’s Reliance and Nvidia have recently confirmed a collaboration aimed at developing AI language models and generative applications for millions of telecom users within the Indian company.

Nvidia will supply the necessary computing power for these initiatives, while Reliance’s subsidiary, Jio, will be responsible for managing and maintaining the AI infrastructure and overseeing customer engagement, as detailed by the companies.

“Nvidia will facilitate Reliance in creating AI applications and services for their 450 million Jio (telecom) customers, as well as providing energy-efficient AI infrastructure for scientists, developers, and startups throughout India,” [stated Nvidia.

Globally, Nvidia maintains a near-monopoly in the realm of computing systems essential for powering services like ChatGPT, OpenAI’s prominent generative AI chatbot. Such applications rely on large language models, capable of generating human-like responses from text prompts.

The collaboration will grant Reliance access to Nvidia’s latest iteration of the Grace Hopper Superchip, AI chips specially optimized for carrying out AI inference tasks, which are pivotal for applications like ChatGPT.

Reliance anticipates that the new AI infrastructure will accelerate various critical AI projects in India, encompassing chatbots, drug discovery, and climate research.