OnePlus Introduces AI Music Studio for Global Audience, Unveils Exciting Contest

OnePlus, the Chinese tech giant, has recently launched the OnePlus AI Music Studio, catering to users in India and around the world. As the popularity of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to soar, the studio enables users to create music effortlessly, irrespective of owning a OnePlus device. To engage users, the company has also announced a competition tied to the AI tool, featuring rewards for participants in specific regions.

The newly unveiled AI music studio is accessible to both Indian and non-Indian users, offering a seamless sign-up process using their email addresses. Users can choose between rap and electronic dance music (EDM), with pop on the horizon. Moods like happy, energetic, romantic, and sad provide a customizable touch to the music creation experience. OnePlus had previously teased an AI-powered music video creator, initially mistaken for a new speaker from the smartphone manufacturer.

Once users select the genre and mood, they can further personalize their music video by choosing from a variety of themes such as cyberpunk, nature, study and work, travel, and a random option, along with an “AI Music Video” feature. Users are prompted to describe the song, and the tool generates an audio track and video based on the provided input.

In testing, the AI tool exhibited versatility, producing different tracks even with reused options and prompts. The generated video showcases an animated progression of a person transforming into various characters. Users can download their vertical videos in portrait orientation or choose to publish them, allowing OnePlus to showcase their creations on the music studio’s home page. Sharing options are available to garner likes and potentially win prizes, as per the company’s statement.

To promote the new AI service, OnePlus has rolled out a contest for users in India, North America, and Europe. The company plans to select 100 entries from each region, with participants required to submit their music tracks by December 17 at 5 pm. Winners, chosen by the company, will receive coupons redeemable for products on OnePlus’ website. The smartphone maker emphasizes the opportunity for users to submit multiple entries but cautions against offensive, inappropriate, or copyright-violating content, which would lead to disqualification. The announcement of contest results is expected shortly.