YouTube Introduces Playables and AI-Powered Comment Summaries for Premium Subscribers

YouTube is enhancing its Premium subscription with innovative features, bringing exciting options to paying members. With ‘Playables,’ a collection of over 30 arcade games, YouTube Premium subscribers can now play games directly on the platform without the need for downloads. These games cover various genres, including action, puzzles, and card games.

Premium members can activate Playables by going to the experimental features page and turning on the ‘Play games on YouTube’ option. This feature is accessible on the YouTube app by tapping the profile icon, navigating to ‘Your Premium benefits,’ and selecting ‘Try experimental new features.’ The Playables shelf can be found on the homepage or in the explore menu.

The Playables feature, currently offering 37 games, is available until March 28. Beyond this, YouTube might expand the arcade service to a wider audience, potentially introducing more premium games similar to Netflix Games.

Additionally, YouTube has introduced AI-powered comments summaries as part of its experimental features for Premium subscribers. This feature, available until December 5, utilizes AI to organize and summarize comments on videos with large comment sections. Users can activate either Playables or AI comment summaries, but not both simultaneously.

Earlier this month, YouTube extended its enhanced bitrate offering for 1080p videos to Premium users, initially available on iOS and now accessible on Android devices and smart TVs.

YouTube Premium subscriptions in India offer various plans, with a 12-month plan priced at Rs. 1,290, a three-month plan at Rs. 399, and a one-month pre-paid plan for Rs. 139. After a one-month free trial, a recurring monthly subscription is available at Rs. 129 per month.