Google Teases Upcoming Pixel 9 Series with Exclusive AI Assistant, Pixie

In October of this year, Google revealed the Pixel 8 series of smartphones, setting the stage for the anticipated Pixel 9 lineup in 2024. Despite the launch being months away, leaked details about the upcoming handsets, particularly concerning processors and charging capabilities, have begun circulating online. Now, emerging reports suggest that the tech giant from Mountain View, California, is actively developing a Pixel-exclusive Artificial Intelligence assistant, potentially debuting alongside the Pixel 9 series.

According to information obtained by The Information (via MySmartPrice), Google’s secretive project is dubbed ‘Pixie.’ This AI assistant is expected to encompass all functionalities of the existing Google Assistant and introduce additional features. The integration of Pixie into the Google Pixel 9 series in 2024 seems imminent, although it’s worth noting that ‘Pixie’ might just be an internal codename subject to change.

The report details Pixie’s capability to amalgamate data from various Google products and services, including Gmail and Maps, to deliver a more personalized user experience. Allegedly, Pixie can execute sophisticated multimodal tasks, such as guiding users to the nearest store based on a photographed product. The rumored AI assistant is said to be fueled by the Gemini Nano processor.

Beyond the Pixel 9 flagship, Google envisions extending Pixie’s reach to lower-end phones and diverse devices like wearables, as indicated in the report. The availability of the AI assistant for existing smartphones remains uncertain, leaving questions about its exclusivity to future products.

Earlier speculations hinted at Tensor G4 SoCs powering the Pixel 9 phones, carrying the codename “Zuma Pro.” Notably, the Tensor G3 chipsets in the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were codenamed “Zuma.” Additionally, the Pixel 9 series is anticipated to pioneer Qi2 wireless charging technology within the realm of Android phones.