Samsung will not introduce the Galaxy S24 Plus next year

If Samsung usually introduces Galaxy S series phones, in addition to the base model S series phone, the Plus version will have a larger screen size. Ultra version with the most complete features is always released in 3 types. This is the same for the upcoming Galaxy S23 series phones, which will come in 3 variants.

But according to the current news, Samsung will finally introduce 3 variants of this year’s Galaxy S23 series. The reason is that the S24 Plus will be removed from the Galaxy S24 Series phones next year.

This news was reported by The Elec media, and the Galaxy S24 Series phones that will be introduced next year will include the S24 and S24 Ultra. This decision was made because the Galaxy S22 Plus was the least sold among the Galaxy S22 Series phones last year.

The Galaxy S22 Plus phones sold only 5.5 million units, only capturing 17 percent of the sales of all Galaxy S22 Series phones. The base model S22 and S22 Ultra phones accounted for 38 percent and 45 percent of total sales, respectively.

Earlier, Samsung discontinued the production of the Galaxy A Series phones, the Galaxy A7x Series and Galaxy A2x Series, which were not selling well. Therefore, it is likely that the production of unsold phones will be stopped.