Does vivo X Flip really come with a fancy design?

Teachers have predicted that 2023 will be the year when foldables will explode. I don’t see anything wrong with these predictions. It is because many Chinese smartphone companies are producing foldables with more sophisticated designs than the competition.

vivo introduced the vivo X Fold in April 2022. A few months later, vivo released an upgrade with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 with the X Fold S moniker. Now, vivo is definitely working on a new generation of foldables. According to the emerging evidence, it is vivo X Flip.

vivo X Flip is believed to compete directly with OPPO’s Find N Flip, which was introduced last December. It will be another competition between BKK’s subsidiaries. Until now, we only know the design language of vivo X Flip. No other details yet.

According to the design language, vivo X Flip can be said to be similar to the vivo X90 series when unfolded. The main and biggest attraction of flip foldables is their close resemblance to regular smartphones. This could be the main advantage of vivo X Flip’s design. What we can see now is the ZEISS logo along with the two lenses on the back.

But the island with the cameras is not too big. So an external display can be placed under the cameras again. This external display will be 682 pixels wide. The connection between the upper and lower sides is the Silver Hinge.

The internal display is believed to carry the usual 1080p resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate is also expected. Selfie camera inside no Or in-display camera, Not sure yet. Most likely a punch-hole camera. Digital Chat Station is still only showing the design, so we will have to wait again to know the details.