iPhone 16 is likely to use Under-panel Camera and Face ID instead of Dynamic Island

When Apple revealed a little about the design language of the next generation of iPhones, we learned that the iPhone 15 will only use Dynamic Islands instead of Notches.

Dynamic Island will not be seen again in addition to this year’s iPhone 15 series, and the 2024 iPhone 16 will use the under-panel Face ID and camera system. When the user turns on the display, the panel above them functions like a regular OLED panel, essentially hiding the hardware sensors and cameras underneath.

The under-display camera and Face ID sensor array are big changes for the iPhone 16 series; Or it cannot be considered a good thing. Another thing is that we cannot expect this change to affect the entire iPhone 16 series. Big design changes and hardware upgrades are usually first seen on the premium iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Ultra.

Samsung, one of Apple’s biggest rivals, has already brought under-display cameras and devices to the market. Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 are already running ahead. The display area on the camera is not entirely flawless, but the improved design has to be acknowledged.

As it is said that the next person always starts with the same idea, how far Androids run ahead, iPhones that follow slowly after are often seen to bring better changes. How it will happen will be known only after it comes out.