Do you know Apple is paying Billions to Goolge. Why?

Google and Apple are arch-rivals. It’s not unusual to deal with Apple, which is now a three trillion dollar company, but why are billions of dollars still searched on Google?

Simply put, when you search for something on the internet, whether you have an iPhone or use Android, you should always use Google Search. Although there is a search engine in Thailand, it is not as powerful as Google Search, which has the highest market share and is not used very often.

Here I am the only one who is Google. According to my research, Microsoft has imitated and allowed the use of Chromium-based Edge browser like Google Chrome.

When I say Google Search, Maps comes with it. Gmail YouTube and other Google Apps YouTube and Gmail are mostly used and Bing has a market share of more than 90%. On Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

In the US, where 54% of iPhone users turn on their devices, Apple isn’t in two cities to lead Google. Likewise, the iMac pays $20 billion to be the default search engine for iPads, and MacBooks, in other words, are proprietary. 12 billion USD by 2020; We’re already paying $15 billion in 2021 and $20 billion in 2022, and the value of this partnership will be the highest in the tech industry, and as long as it’s fun to join, there’s no point in paying more than Google.

If Google doesn’t spend this money on the North American continent, which is growing with its advertising business, the strong AI competition will be the first to suffer.

Apple, without its own search engine, can monopolize any search engine with AI, but there are search engines that use AI crawlers like Bing AI and ChatGPT, which are more powerful than Google’s Search Engine.

Apple knows the trick, but compared to Global, Google has the most influence. As long as the R&D part is personalized and its devices are in the hands of the user. Share while it’s better than Google. I have to say I’m still healthy.