Tik Tok is Creating Youth Council for Teenage User

Announcement of the Youth Council Forum, in which youth from all over the world can participate
2 weeks ago
TikTok has introduced a privacy setting to remove items you don’t want to see in subsequent For You streams.

Similarly, it was announced that you can filter teen content through the Family Sharing settings to avoid viewing pornographic videos.

What I want to mention now is that we don’t want teenagers to know about privacy, which is valued by both consumers and brands. In addition to the reason you don’t want to watch, tell 13 to 17 year olds. Only the topic you want to learn can be used as a keyword. In addition, a Youth Council has been established and the priority I would like to mention is family fit. In this section, guardians and youth can submit their suggestions and requests to 50 experts in the forum organized according to needs. You can discuss and consult experts,

The forum will be announced in the coming months, including a method that will be open and visible to young people, and by March 2023, teens will only be allowed 1 hour of TikTok Screen Time per day.

Family Paring, added to keep teens safe, has been announced to more than 400 million users since March, helping to play an important role in controlling privacy.