People are critized for Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are posting to attack each other

The thread has reached 100 million users within 6 days of being introduced, not directly saying it is a Twitter thread, but some have criticized it as cover and seedless.

Two billionaires rife with harsh words online are being criticized for their embarrassing statements, and as the author predicts, they’re looking to get attention to get people interested. In previous posts I wrote that they are proud of their image.

Now the media all over the world are laughing and saying why the Topic came out. Key pressure from the US government:
The success of TikTok has eclipsed the colors of Instagram. The idea is to try to stab a spear into the lowlands of the Twitter space created so that Meta can’t win like a sled dog. Now it’s like walking through a dull plain without a companion, and despite having 100 million users, it is assumed that it will be boring in the long run.

When Meta announced Topics, what was the best thing Instagram could do? They created a bank account, but they couldn’t find the money on all platforms. On the other hand, if you do something like Twitter, you will get sued. Furthermore, some government organizations have been criticized for copying. Musk and Zuckerberg wrote blatant insults because when two platforms that were at odds from the start collided, the two owners were tired of fighting.

Now The New York Times has reported that they will be fighting in Las Vegas. Why did Musk use harsh words before punching Zuckerberg?

That’s because Meta has switched to the old Facebook, has no face and feet on politics, but still doesn’t dare to move forward. As you all know, after the Cambridge Analytical incident, the image on Facebook disappeared, it was tightened quite a lot. Similarly, when they couldn’t access the Instagram platform, their boss “Adam Mosseri” said “Hard News” to use in Threads.

If personal topics inevitably become boring if they leak information on economic and political issues or through words and information. Now you can guess in the form of Twitter.

Even though it’s an Instagram app, I’ll post a picture. I will post a video If you open a Thread account with the idea of ​​finding followers, you can start over. Therefore, it is not unusual to say.

Thread user Wendy’s said “Hey Zuckerberg go to space and make me more jealous LOL” Zuckerberg just left a crying emoji after writing, and it’s time to start a big party