Did U know that useful new feature of WhatsApp

Chat history can only be shared between iOS and Android over Wi-Fi

Most social apps rely on cloud backup while transferring chat history from one phone to another.

This method is the safest, but sometimes when the internet connection fails or there is a software problem, Cloud Sync doesn’t happen. When you forget to create a backup, minor problems often occur, such as the data you want does not appear.

Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the Cloud Sync feature, and storing it on your phone as Local Storage is even more dangerous.

WhatsApp added Wi-Fi sharing to make it easier to move from one phone to another, so you can count on Cloud Sync to be 100% sure you won’t get it back if your phone is lost or damaged. image
This function has just appeared. It’s not pretty but very useful for WhatsApp users. No need to sync and backup in the cloud, just scan the QR code, you can transfer the chat history and use it from the Wi-Fi Direct function on your phone.

This new chat history transfer feature is only available to beta users and has platform limitations. It means Android to Android. iOS to iOS is still allowed, so it is expected to enable cross porting in the next update.

According to Meta, the WhatsApp Chat Transfer function can only be shared with two phones using full encryption, and the function is useful when there is too much data to save in Cloud Storage, so it seems that the transfer permission was limited in the early days.