Story posting Feature will be added in Telegram.

Snapchat is the pioneer of Stories, which are mostly found on the social network. Although it started in 2013, the most popular platforms are Meta and WhatsApp.

Specifically, Google has used Story, which is popular on Instagram, mainly seen on Facebook and Messenger, and Telegram will display it in a different way.

Founder “Pavel Durov” says it will be activated from next July and Meta Features are not copy/pasted.
6, 12, subtitle support will be added to telegram story that can be used after 24 and 48 hours. Front view of smartphone It can display photos and videos taken simultaneously with the rear camera.

Detailed people mode will also be available where you can choose Privacy from Everyone, Only Friends and not show certain people in your contacts. This can be used as a shredder in the chat list, and you can also turn off stories that you don’t want to see from certain contacts.

You can choose to always show the stories that you want to bookmark in your profile, and you can also change the privacy settings for individual stories, so this will be helpful for some people.

It’s a feature that Telegram members want to check if these settings work. I think being able to repost each Story’s message isn’t too bad either. If Telegram has Stories feature, don’t forget to double check.

In addition to the Story that will be broadcast for 48 hours, it will be considered a privacy-enhancing Telegram feature

In recent social media news, the new Meta App, which will become a competitor to Twitter and LinkedIn’s short messages, replacing AI to facilitate posting, is very popular.