Bill on the protection of personal data: Entities can face penalties of up to Rs. 250 Crore due to data protection errors 

Bill on the protection of personal data:
Entities may face penalties of up to Rs. 250 Crore due to data protection errors

Entities that abuse or fail to protect users of digital data can face penalties of up to Rs. 250 crore, under the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023, which sets out obligations of data processing and processing entities as well as the rights of individuals.

The bill introduced in Parliament on Thursday evokes the creation of India’s Data Protection Board and provides protection for the Centre, the Council and its members, for “actions taken by done in good faith”.

The bill eased sanctions standards compared to the proposal made in the draft DPDP to be submitted for public comment in November 2022.

“If, after investigation, Régie determines that a person has committed a serious breach of the provisions of this Act or of the rules enacted under this Act, Régie may, after giving that person the opportunity to be present, apply the fines set out in the schedule,” the bill reads.

According to the schedule, a maximum of R. 250 cores and a minimum of R. 50 cores can be applied to an entity that violates the standards. No lawsuits, lawsuits or other legal proceedings shall be brought against the Central Government, the Board of Directors, the President and any of their members, officers or employees for any reason. something done or intended to do in good faith. rules. be done under it,” the bill states.

The bill’s provisions allow the Center to block access to content for the benefit of the public by obtaining written references from the board.

The Minister of Electronics and Computers, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, said the bill, when passed by the parliament, would protect the rights of all citizens, facilitate the growth of the innovation economy and would allow the government to legal and legitimate access to national security and emergencies such as pandemics and earthquakes, etc. .

“There will be a lot of anxiety and a lot of abuse and exploitation done by many of these (online) platforms. Let’s put an end to this once and for all. This is certainly a law that will create profound and lasting behavior change, and create highly punitive consequences for all platforms that abuse or exploit the personal data of any citizen. India,” said Chandrasekhar.