Release Date for Starfield Xbox and PC has confirmed

Starfield has finally hit gold ahead of next month’s release, indicating that the game’s major development is complete and that it should be ready to hit stores soon. As a result, developer Bethesda has confirmed preload details for its expansive space RPG, with Xbox Series S/X set to be handled soon on August 17. Meanwhile, PC players on Steam can begin pre-installing the game, starting August 30. Additionally, the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers for free, although their access will begin on launch date, i.e. September 6.

Ahead of its release, lead game designer Emil Pagliarulo and lead mission designer Will Shen also held a Q&A on Starfield’s Discord server (via ResetEra), revealing some interesting details. including the prison system. Like The Elder Scrolls V:
Skyrim, performing sketchy acts like smuggling contraband could land you in trouble with law enforcement across the galaxy. Once caught, you will be presented with two main options to deal with the situation:
you can pay the required fine when caught or sent to jail. And of course, there is a third alternative, which is to fight through them and run away. However, those looking for smooth navigation can invest in spacecraft components and modules that help conceal these illegal objects as you pass through security.

The items themselves have a fixed price in the Starfield universe but can be sold for profit if you unlock the right skills. This money can then be spent on properties in larger towns, or you can complete specific quests for a reward of houses. An interview from last year revealed that Bethesda relies heavily on character customization in this game – where picking the “Kid Stuff” trait makes your in-game parent look like physical your. The developers aren’t entirely clear to what extent parents will be involved in Starfield, but note that the feature is quite similar to Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Another side feature from Fallout is the Theory System. uniform, can be used to avoid confrontation by talking softly, although Bethesda has confirmed that a purely pacifist game is not “completely doable”.

Like Bethesda’s previous RPGs, Starfield has companions who will follow the ride – in this case more than 20 people, all named and featuring unique background stories. The Q&A also confirms that while real-world religions are present in the game universe, the main focus is on three fictional religions. We have the Sanctum Universum, which preaches that God is somewhere in the larger universe; a group of atheists calling themselves the Enlightened Ones; and The Great Serpent, worshiped by mysterious citizens.

Starfield releases on September 6 on PC and Xbox Series S/X. Pre-loading on Xbox begins August 17, while PC (Steam) players can start August 30.