The new System of Xbox to reduce toxic behaviour for Gaming Environment

Microsoft is bringing a new strike-based enforcement program to Xbox, aimed at curbing malicious behavior by gamers. The company outlined its new measures in a blog post, along with a system diagram that clarifies any confusion about how penalties based on violations are applied. Depending on the severity of the offense, whether it’s insults, hateful behavior or even sending death threats, affected players can now report malicious behavior. harmful, triggering the response of the moderation team, who will investigate the matter. The new system will allow players to receive alerts, up to eight, after which they will not be able to use Xbox’s multiplayer services like messaging and voice chat.

With the previous ban system, players were quite confused as to why some bans were resolved in one day, while others took weeks or even months to resolve. At this point, it’s not clear how Xbox determines the severity of the strike, but going forward, every player in the Xbox’s gaming ecosystem will have a smooth, strike-free start. Penalties based on strikes are arranged in ascending order, with longer penalties for those who fail to maintain good behavior despite a one-time suspension. As mentioned earlier, Xbox has released a diagram that best explains this, with things like using profanity or cheating in-game equivalent to a hit. The first and second warnings will ban you from using Xbox online services for one day, while the third will suspend you for three days. When the total is eight days, the player will be banned for the whole year. All strikes stay on file for six months, so if you don’t want strikes to accumulate over time, it’s best to stay calm about its toxicity. Additionally, once banned, affected users will be able to view their app history, detailing the number of strikes, the reason, and the start and end dates of the suspension. as well as a link to the Xbox Community Standards. . Any completed and expired suspensions will also show up, although I’m guessing suspensions are only for your records once you’ve built a clear vehicle. That said, Xbox ensures that players will still have the ability to appeal any executions that have been issued against them. And if the penalty is rescinded, the strike will also disappear. Here’s how the latest Xbox Execution Attack System lays out the penalties:

Strike 1 — suspension for 1 day

2nd strike — 1 day suspension

Strike 3 – suspension 3 days

Strike 4 — suspension 7 days

Strike 5 — suspension 14 days

Strike 6 — suspension for 21 days

Strike 7 — suspension for 60 days

Strike 8 — suspension 365 days

Xbox has ensured that all reports are carefully evaluated and no automated enforcement action will be taken based on a simple report. “In 2022, less than 1% of all players are suspended temporarily and only a third of them receive a second penalty. Our data shows us that gamers often stop inappropriate behavior after an app, quickly learning what is and isn’t acceptable based on Xbox community standards and interactions. better on our platform,” said Dave McCarthy, CVP, Xbox Player Services in the blog post. job.

“The Input System is designed to empower players to engage actively and appropriately on Xbox and with the community.”