New skip ads design and Video Player design of Youtube are tested

YouTube will gradually bring some design changes to users. The video streaming platform has been spotted testing a redesigned “Skip Ad” button that appears when showing certain ads to non-premium users. The service also provides rounded corners for video players. According to the report, once the changes are implemented, the size of the Skip Ad button will decrease. YouTube was previously found to be testing an anti-adblock measure for free users on the video streaming platform. The SearchEngineLand report cites a YouTube spokesperson revealing details of the alleged “Skip Ad” button design change. The new “Skip Ad” button appears to be smaller than the existing one. Additionally, the new box will have a curved border with smaller letters and the word “ad” not capitalized.

The spokesperson also told the publication that the new changes are being rolled out in line with a YouTube update announced last year. According to the report, the redesigned button will be visible on all platforms. Another change being tested is the curved corners of the video player on the YouTube website. Company spokesperson Allison Toh confirmed to The Verge that the change detected by the publication will be extended to all users.

With this change, the video player will appear with rounded corners, similar to what we see in the mini player and video suggestions. It should be noted that the new rounded corners are only displayed on standard sized video players. Meanwhile, the video player will appear with sharp square corners in Theater Mode as it fills the entire screen. Earlier, Youtube was discovered to be testing a mechanism to prevent viewers using ad blockers from watching videos on this platform without seeing ads. To play the video, they’ll need to turn off their settings. YouTube only offers ad-free content to YouTube Premium subscribers. In India, YouTube Premium costs Rs. 9,999. 129 for a month and Rs. 1,290 for a year.