Meta has been fined daily for Breaking European Data Privacy Rules in Norway

Norway’s data protection regulator told the court on Wednesday that Metaplatform violated Norwegian European data protection regulations in a lawsuit that could have widespread repercussions across Europe.

Meta has been fined 1 million crown(CRW) per day since August 14 for violating user privacy by collecting user data and using it for targeted advertising. It is so-called behavioral advertising is a common business model for Big Tech.

Facebook and Instagram owners have sought an injunction against the order, which will result in daily fines for the next three months.

Hanne Inger Bjurstroem Jahre, an attorney representing the Datatilsynet regulator, said the fine was effective because Meta has not complied with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). “There is no debate as to whether the company is violating these rules…Today Meta is violating GDPR rules,” she said on the final day of a two-day court hearing.

Meta said in court on Tuesday that the company had already committed to obtaining user consent and that Datatilsynet was unnecessary and used an “expedited process” that did not give the company enough time to respond. said he did.

The regulator said it was unclear when and how Meta would seek user consent, and user rights were being violated in the meantime.

If Datatilsynet agrees with the Norwegian regulator’s decision, it could make the fine permanent by referring its decision to the European Data Protection Board. This could also extend the territorial scope of the decision to other parts of Europe. Datatilsynet hadn’t taken this step yet.

Norway is not a member of the European Union but is part of the European Single Market