USB Type-C Charging: Can You Use Android Cables with iPhone 15 Series?

The iPhone 15 series made its debut on September 12 during Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event, bringing with it significant changes, including the adoption of USB Type-C charging ports, a departure from the traditional Lightning port. While the USB Type-C port on these latest iPhones supports various functions, users might be curious about whether they can use an Android USB Type-C cable for charging. However, an Apple reseller in China has issued a warning against this practice.

According to reports from the Chinese website CNMO, an Apple store located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, has advised iPhone users not to use Android’s USB Type-C charging cable on Apple smartphones, citing concerns that it may damage the devices. Some users speculate that this warning is a tactic to encourage customers to purchase Apple’s original charging cables, potentially increasing the company’s revenue.

It’s worth noting that Apple has already stated on its support page that users can safely use USB Type-C standard cables to charge their newly released iPhones. The USB Type-C port in the iPhone 15 series offers significantly more power compared to the Lightning port, boasting an impressive 15 times the output, which enhances charging efficiency.

When purchasing an iPhone 15 Pro, users will find a USB 2-compatible cable included in the box. For those seeking faster data transfer speeds, Apple offers the option to buy a USB-3-compatible cable through its online, offline, and reseller stores. This cable will provide an improved data transfer experience for users who require it.