The Day Before” Removed from Steam Amidst Criticisms and Studio Closure

Valve has delisted “The Day Before,” once touted as Steam’s most wish-listed open-world survival MMO. The game, which garnered negative reviews immediately upon its early access launch, faced criticism for deviating from its MMO promises, resembling more of an extraction shooter akin to Escape from Tarkov combined with The Last of Us’ post-apocalyptic elements. Numerous game-breaking glitches, an incomplete world, and inconsistent online features exacerbated the discontent. Just five days after release, the game is unavailable on Steam, and Fntastic, the studio responsible, is shutting down, pledging refunds for disappointed customers.

In a blog post, Fntastic announced the studio’s closure due to financial failure, with earned income earmarked for debt repayment. Despite no plans to salvage the game or secure additional funding, accusations of stolen assets, misleading trailers, and a $40 price tag intensified the backlash. The player base dwindled from an initial 38,000 concurrent players to a mere 749, reflecting shattered expectations.

While uncertain about the studio’s future, Fntastic ensures the continued operation of servers for “The Day Before” and their previous game, “Propnight.” Refund-seeking players, disappointed by the unmet promises, can turn to publisher Mytona, which offers refunds even for playtimes exceeding two hours through Steam’s Help section.

Facing accusations of a scam, Fntastic clarified that they won’t profit from sales, admitting to overestimating their game development capabilities. The studio’s immature response on Twitter added to the controversy, stating, “This was our first big experience. Shit happens.” The CEO’s Twitter account deletion and the studio’s YouTube channel removal contribute to erasing any evidence of Fntastic’s existence.

“The Day Before” now holds an Overwhelmingly Negative rating on Steam, with 18,000 negative reviews, once ranking among the 10 worst-reviewed games. Removed entirely from the platform, the game’s troubled journey included delays, trademark disputes, and accusations of unpaid labor, dismissed by Fntastic as ‘volunteer’ help.