Apple Launches iOS 17.3 Beta Introducing Enhanced Security and Apple Music Features

Apple initiated the rollout of iOS 17.3 beta to testers on Tuesday, a day following the release of the stable iOS 17.2 version for eligible iPhone models. This initial beta for the upcoming update is anticipated to be the last before the holiday season. Notably, it reinstates support for an Apple Music feature omitted in iOS 17.2. Additionally, Apple is testing a new security feature aimed at thwarting thieves from accessing personal accounts via stolen devices.

Upon updating to iOS 17.3 beta, testers can explore Apple’s new Stolen Device Protection feature. This functionality mandates biometric authentication (Touch ID or Face ID) for account-related changes on an iPhone, such as disabling Lost Mode or accessing personal information like iCloud Keychain passwords.

Security measures implemented by Apple include a one-hour waiting period and mandatory verification for disabling features like Face ID, Apple ID, or the iPhone passcode. These safeguards are designed to prevent thieves from gaining account access by acquiring the passcode and stealing the device.

In addition to enhanced security, the iOS 17.3 beta introduces support for Collaborative Playlists on Apple Music, a feature announced earlier this year but yet to reach stable channel users. Testers on iOS 17.3 beta 1 can contribute to their friends’ playlists by locating the person icon next to a playlist.

It’s essential to note that the inclusion of Collaborative Playlists in the first iOS 17.2 beta does not guarantee its arrival with the stable iOS 17.3 release. Collaborative playlists were previously tested in beta versions of iOS 17.2 but were omitted in the final version released on Monday. Users not on the beta release channel can expect to experience these new features in early 2024.